steel structure has been designed to support the original oak trussesConversion of old barn into a house

We are a small, dynamic team with design skills and ability to offer pragmatic solutions and management expertise and a varied client list. Our objective is to continue building upon our existing network of professionals to offer an efficient service encompassing a broad range of building types and client needs. We are committed to good design and to its fruition.



As we understand it ‘good’ design encompasses rigorously clarifying the clients’ brief by explaining what might be possible in addition to their existing ‘wish list’. We begin with the client and their needs/desires/dreams and of course budget. We take into account the property and all the challenges it poses – where it is positioned, the size and form of the building (or plot) and of course its condition.


house on the river bankhouse and fieldshouses in the countryside

The landscape and other buildings in which the building sits or will sit are taken into account – this is particularly important in areas of outstanding beauty or of historical interest. Consideration of light, wind, sounds, views, rivers and other topography are all part of the design process.

building use

Clients spend some time with Nicholas discussing their ideas and how they plan to use the building, if it is to be a full time home or holiday cottage or a commercial enterprise. All this is taken into account before pen goes to paper. We have developed a method of working to show furniture layouts and lighting as the scheme is discussed at a larger scale to help you understand the spaces being created. When you are happy with this schematic stage we prepare the actual permit for your final approval.

renewable energy/grants

A growing demand for renewable energy solutions has led to several projects using geothermic heat pumps with under floor heating, solar energy and wood burning devices. We can also help you understand some of the grants available for renewable energy. Aside from these more obvious solutions we explore strategic zoning, the optimum use of space and ambient temperatures and intelligent electrical switching as well as passive solar issues which cost nothing or very little in relation to the carbon emission cost of production as well as economic costs to the investor.

Further information
For more information regarding renewable energy in France follow these links – ADEME, Promolotec and eklor.

Once the design has been finalised with the client the process of making the building come to life begins. This stage is explored in more detail on the How Long page.