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Our expertise and experience ensures that we will save you more than we charge you to carry out your project.


We offer a service for you to understand the approximate investment figures. This is an outline report based upon the scheme drawings and an outline schematic specification before stage B noted below. Our charges for this are based upon the nature of the project but begin at 600 Euros for a straightforward 120m square barn conversion.


If this is too much to take in please do ring to discuss.

Fees split into three different services:

  1. schematic /building permit * note for complicated situations it might be necessary for us to carry out a detailed measured survey in addition to the fee scale – see surveys
  2. Specification documentation/quotations
  3. overseeing work on site

Normally there is a sliding fee scale depending on the size of the project and its’ complexity. We will refer to this when you are able to explain your project in broad terms.

Because there is a lot of demand for projects between 60K Euros and 350K Euros we have decided to organise a service which allows us to efficiently adapt our usual approach for larger projects.

Example 1 : Planning permit Stage A only for a 3 / 4 bed barn conversion would be in the region of 2500 to 4000 Euros. Because we are often asked to only be involved in the planning for the lower budget projects so that clients can do the building work on their own we provide information which would enable a proficient contractor/owner to set out the scheme with specific dimensions for windows, walls etc

Example 2 : planning permit Stage A only for a new house with a local vernacular and straightforward brief would be in the region of 4,000 to 5,500 Euros. We urge our clients in this situation to use a specification document which is the next stage B to be absolutely clear about what the contractor is pricing for and what will be expected in terms of sanitary ware, kitchen fittings, lighting, internal finishes, window/shutters, heating system etc. This together with the plans/elevations becomes the basis of the contractural documentation.

Stage B costs approximately the same as Stage A. Stage C is calculated during Stage B as the scope of work and number of artisans involved becomes apparent.

We ask for a payment of 350 Euros at the first meeting as a dossier commencement fee. This is deducted from the Stage A payment if we are instructed to proceed.

If you require a planning permit only but need occasional advice in addition we charge 69 Euros an hour.

Rates for surveys

Please explain your specific requirements, describe in general the type of building: location, size in square metres, approximate age and attach two or three photos if possible. We are then able to reply with a quotation.

VAT (TVA) is charged at the current rate in addition to these fees. For further information about TVA in France please consult a specialist. The rate varies according to the type of work carried out and is fluid at the moment as the French government is in the process of changing the entire TVA system.

Travel rate = 0.65 Euros/km